Switching to naked broadband

We switched to naked broadband (DSL without a home phone line) on Tuesday. The new setup will soon be bolstered by a femtocell to boost our dodgy cellphone reception.

Our main motivation was to take advantage of regulatory changes, and attendant savings.

But telemaketers – who found our (extra cost) unlisted number no hindrance to hunting us down – also did their bit. If I was a Telecom shareholder, I’d be agitating for a national, US-style do-not-call registry (not a voluntary industry one; see Comments below). More after NBR returns Jan 16 …

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6 Responses to Switching to naked broadband

  1. FYI, the Marketing Association runs Do Not Call and Do Not Mail lists http://www.marketing.org.nz/Category?Action=View&Category_id=116

  2. chriskeall says:

    Aware, but it’s voluntary. Why would hardcore telemarkers sign on? CK

  3. Good point although if anybody rings once you’re on it you can feel justified in hanging up in their ear 🙂

  4. Adam Hall says:

    Yep, the National Do Not Call database really does work up here 🙂

    [Up here = Redmond, Washington, US – CK]

  5. Adam Hall says:

    And it’s a ‘never expire’ option 1.usa.gov/tIEPWc

  6. Doug says:

    Hi CK…I went naked at the start of the year…it feels great not paying anything to Telecom!


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