Borders, boldly re-imagined. With guns.

The Borders megastore on Queen St is closing in a few days (remember when it was going to kill Unity?).

New Whitcoulls/Borders owners the Norman family (who also own Farmers) are obviously looking to trim costs. But a large number of books to browse, and the cafe, were the only reasons to shop in a real-life bookstore. Give me the internet any day (though not the dysfunctional over the stingy stock in most shops.

What now for the vast, labyrinth space currently occupied by Borders? When I posed this question on Twitter, @BruceBuckman and @uof came back with the same suggestion: laser strike. Perfect.

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1 Response to Borders, boldly re-imagined. With guns.

  1. Niki says:

    Used to work at Whitcoulls as a student. The website is run with completely different suppliers to the sore. Such an idiotic way for a business to run an online store. Customers would come in asking for a book they had seen online and we wouldn’t have it on our database at all. So I would give them a scrap of paper with ‘Book Depository’ written on it.

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