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Women struggling to drink water

“Woman struggling to drink water” seems to be latest craze in stock images, similar to the way “Woman alone laughing with salad” quickly spread through commercial photo libraries earlier this year (via ace London photographer @SteveKeall, @thehairpin).

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Siri v Furby

And what of the New Zilund accent? Apple says Siri hasn’t been programmed for it, but she can learn. More on Kiwis’ experiences with Siri, and the local iPhone 4S release at my NBR blog.

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Scared of mouse

I took one look at the manual for Microsoft’s new Touch Mouse (which has no buttons but recognises finger gestures) then quickly palmed it off to the more dexterous @lxwalls¬†to review.¬†Anticipated tears of rage as I made the wrong finger … Continue reading

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New adventures with the Herald’s Time Out scan-print-article-with-iPad-see-video thingy

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